bowling_pic1The club was established in 1866, having obtained a lease for ground from Duncan Darroch Esq of Gourock and George Boyd, Ironmonger of Glasgow, the boundaries of which have not changed to this day. The initial rent was 1 shilling per annum, payable at Martinmas each year.

The lease was reviewed from time to time, and in 1982, it was only £10 per annum. In that year the club committee completed negotiations with the Trustees of the late Lt. Col. Duncan Darroch for the purchase of the ground for the sum of £5,000. This price is further evidence of the Darroch family’s generosity in dealing with the bowlers.


The contract for laying the first two greens was agreed, and work commenced early in 1866. However various problems were encountered, including a “large quantity of rock that required blasting” on the second green. As a result the greens were not officially opened until 21st June 1867, which was a great event in the then village of Gourock. This thus resulted in our first club champion in 1868.

The third green was laid in 1871, and this green saw “active service “ in the Second World War when it was requisitioned for the provision of accommodation blocks for US Service personnel.

The narrow strip of land on which the greens lie has always caused maintenance difficulties, where playing across the greens towards the river has largely been restricted to the larger first green, albeit at short lengths, thus constant shifting of rink settings is required to reduce heavy wear on the heads.

It is testament to the skill and professionalism of all our greenkeepers and greens contractors over the years that our greens are still considered to be amongst the best in the district, this good work being continued by Harry Murdoch, our greens contractor for the last 25 years.


The club originally built a small wooden bowls house, and although extended in 1882, it soon proved insufficient for the demands of a growing membership.

A new bowls house was built in 1899 on the site of our current clubhouse at a cost of £627.18s.6d and over the years, various improvements have occurred. In 1965 a major extension was completed in time for our Centenary season in 1966. 1975 saw more extensive alterations, including a sun lounge that allowed excellent views of the greens. In 1990, a major extension was added to provide a full lounge area facing the greens and a locker room downstairs. This is now the clubhouse of which we are proud, offering Bar, Lounge and Kitchen facilities that are suitable for members and guests alike.

The Clubhouse is now a known venue, not only for club functions, but for the provision for private functions.


For the 2017 season, we have 140 bowling members & 52 House members.

Like every bowling club,we are looking to attract new members, therefore, if you have any interest, please contact our Honorary Secretary, Denis Moore, who would be delighted to talk to you. His contact details are the column on the left or, if you prefer use our new Membership Form.